8 Fitness Tips for Travel Fanatics

June 8, 2016Home Fitness Standard

When on vacation it’s easy to fall prey to the prevailing lethargy that captivates the atmosphere. stretchingWhether we go across the country for a meeting or relax on a beach somewhere in Asia, traveling can throw off anyone’s fitness routine. In addition to no exercise, it becomes challenging to say no to available food, so after you get back from the holiday don’t be surprised if you have gained a couple of pounds. That’s why we have compiled a list of 8 tips which will keep you energized, active and in shape even when you’re on holiday.

Pack Equipment With You

If you have a workout plan which requires a particular set of tools, then be sure to take them along as you don’t want to lose your progress just because you forgot to take important stuff with you. You can also be smart about the things you pack. For example, if a particular workout requires dumbbells then instead of packing dumbbells to avoid the extra weight, you can make use of water bottles. Also, take a jump rope along as it occupies way lesser space than a hair straightener.

Set A Time For Working Out

Whether it’s right before your family or coworkers, wake up or a particular period in the evening, take time out for exercise and stick to it. Even if you don’t pack any equipment with you, make sure you do your research before catching the flight, on the exercises that require no tools. You can get a crazy-amazing workout with such workouts, too.

Eat Healthy

When room service becomes so readily available, and food becomes readily available, it gets tough to stick to healthy eating habits. Food available at hotels is not only unhealthy, but it’s also expensive. So by making amends, you can keep your trip from creating a hole in your pocket and increasing the number on the weight scale.

Take Workout Shoes With You

Are you going to break a sweat in your sandals? Not possibly. Take a pair of sneakers or lightweight shoes which you can work out in with ease. If you don’t already have such shoes, then invest in a pair specifically meant for working out while traveling.

Look For A Workout Buddy

Having someone to work out with makes it significantly easier for you to find the motivation to put on your workout gear and burn off those calories. Talking to a buddy while brisk walking or jogging makes the minutes go by quickly and you don’t lose the motivation to run that extra mile.

stairsMake Fitter Choices

If your room is on the 8th floor of your hotel, then opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s okay too if you walk half-way and take the elevator the rest of the way up but the important thing is to make your body move and get some activity done while you can.

Set Realistic Expectations

It’s not possible for you to get as much workout done as you probably are used to backing home. So don’t overestimate your expectations and only take time out for important workouts that you feel work best for you.

Look For A Gym Or Track

Go on the web and find a gym that is closest to your hotel or guest house. Some hotels have a built-in fitness center along with a trainer. However if your hotel doesn’t have a nearby gym then look around for jogging tracks or parks where you can take a run or brisk walk.

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